Czech Olympic Committee

The Czech Olympic Committee is a civic association that was established in 1899 and since then develops and disseminates the Olympic ideals in the country. The COC is composed of 83 members. The COC strives to improve financing for sports, in particular youth sport. While the Czech Sporting Nation is a long-term program promoting sport and healthy lifestyle to the general public, the Olympic All Round Project or the Youth Olympic Games are focused at motivating primary and secondary school pupils to do sport and be active. The most important initiative in the framework of this project proposals is, however, a long-term and susitainable initiative launhed during the 2014 Sochi Olympics, the Olympics Parks.

italia coni

NOC of Italy

The Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) was founded in 1914. CONI is an umbrella organization uniting 45 national sport federations, 19 associated disciplines, 15 organizations for sports promotion and 19 further cultural associations active in the sports field. CONI leads, maintains and coordinates the organisation of sport activities throughout the country.


NOC of Belgium

The Belgian Olympic and Inter-federal Committee (BOIC) is the umbrella organisation of national sports federations in Belgium, which usually consist of two or even three community leagues. The representatives of these 78 sports federations represent 20,000 sports clubs and 1,500,000 active members. For a number of years BOIC has organised an “Olympic Sunday” in Brussels during the European Week of Mobility. The BOIC is organising a large-scale initiative, the Olympic House in Oostende

France NOC

NOC of France

The CNOSF (French National Olympic and Sport Committee) as the highest non-governmental sport organisation in the French Republic, has a very rich experience and expertise in organising important sport events. The most important one is the National Sport Week, Sentez-vous sport, which serves as a national platform for the promotion of sport for all. The Sentez-vous sport was one of the two national initiatives, which inspired the European Commission to launch the European Week of Sport


NOC of Croatia

The National Olympic Committee of Croatia (HOO) is the highest non-governmental sport organisation in Croatia. The HOO has an important experience in organising youth and sport for all initiatives and events. It closely cooperates with local sport confederations and local authorities, for example, on the organisation of the Croatian Olympic Day. Every year in May it also organises a Festival for preschool children in local communities, which promotes Olympic values and physical activities among young children.


NOC of the Netherlands

The NOC*NSF (Nederlands Olympisch Comité * Nederlandse Sport Federatie) is the umbrella body of organised sport in the Netherlands with 96 affiliated members of which most are national sport federations. The success of its National Sport Week has inspired the establishment of the European Week of Sport. Over million participants participated in ts 10th edition in 2015. Furthermore NOC*NSF is organising a large-scale event during the Rio Olympics, Olympic Experience in the Hague.


NOC of Slovenia

The Olympic Committee of Slovenia–Association of Sports Federations (OCS-ASF) is an umbrella non-governmental sport organization in Slovenia. Its mission is to create better country trough sport and the Olympic movement. With regard to the Sport Parks project, OCS-ASF will be able to share know-how and experiences from many projects like European Week of Sport, Olympic Festival for Children and Youth, Mini Olympics (from 2006), Olympic Hours for Children, Youth Sport Camp.

Finland NOC

NOC of Finland

Finnish physical activity and elite sport have experienced a major change from the beginning of 2017, when the Finnish Olympic Committee started building the content and practices of Finnish physical activity and sport culture, from elite sport to activating the Finnish people. In 2011 together with the National Sport Federations, a mass event called Your Move, which brought together approximately 42 000 school-aged children to the Olympic Stadion in Helsinki. The NOC’s strategic vision is to be “The most physically active sports nation in the world and the most successful Nordic Country in Elite Sports by 2020”.

The Region of South Bohemia

South Bohemian Regional Authority

As one of the 14 Regions of the Czech Republic, The Region of South Bohemia is one of the 14 Regions of The Czech Republic. Among many of its other functions, the Regional authority supports the development of sport, active leisure and active tourism. In connection with the Summer Olympic Games, it has launched a yearlong campaign "Olympic South Bohemia", which promotes active leisure and offers local people and tourists many opportunities to take part in sport events and activities. The pinnacle of the campaign will be the Rio-Lipno Olympic Park, organised by the Czech Olympic Committee, in cooperation with the South Bohemian region.