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About the Sport Parks Project

European collaborative partnership project initiated and led by the Czech Olympic Committee, co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union and supported by the International Olympic Committee. The 2 years long project brings together experts from 7 National Olympic Committees - Belgium, Croatia, Finland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Slovenia - and 1 regional authority (South Bohemia, CZ) with the aim to create an interactive web based handbook, which will provide umbrella sport organisations (NOCs) with recommendations, guidelines, case studies and examples of good practice for the development, organisation, evaluation and sustainability of their own Sport Parks inspired by the Olympics.

Sport Park Sochi

What are Sport Parks

The idea of ​​Sports Parks was born two years ago in the Czech Republic. The Olympic Games are traditionally the most watched event of the year. In this time, all of the generations, nationalities and interest groups come together for the sole purpose - supporting athletes and the love to sport in general. A so varied but uniformly oriented group emerges and we put the question: What about creating a place where everyone can be together, share their enthusiasm and points of view, and have fun in the same time? That is how ​Sport parks were born. Space, which is the most vibrant during the Olympic Games but offers also an educational, entertaining and well-thoughtful spots for the rest of the year. Only people who would enjoy great experiences from the Sport Park will come back repeatedly. And that's exactly what we are aiming for. We pay attention to flawless organization and work only with professionals.

Lipno Handball

Key principles of Sport Parks

The keystone of the project is the spirit and atmosphere that arises with the beginning of the Olympic Games. The event is watched by billions of people all over the world, so the Sports Parks have potential be one of the most important places which allow people to experience these moments with equally tuned individuals. These places can be seen as a connecting link of people and active healthy lifestyle. Sport involves many of possibilities how to spend time and work on ourselves. Thanks to the Sport Centers, it is possible to show people how huge is the diversity of existing sports. Then they can through healthy competition work on healthy self-esteem.

Sport Park Lipno

Basic guidelines of Sport Parks

Creating a bridge between Olympians and their fans, promoting and mediatizing all stakeholders and furthermore make the space of Sport Parks special. An important part of the development of these centers lies in conceiving a coherent guideline which should help potential creators of Sport Parks to make the perfect space for sports enthusiasts. This information will provide the organizers throughout the whole process from the very beginning to the opening of the park, including the plan for its year-round "life". Thanks to partner organizations and shared experiences of project teams, organizers will get information like how to deal with local authorities, negotiate with local sports clubs, or, for example, how to hire a stuff. Collected and logically arranged information will give you a comprehensive rule of thumb with all the recommendations, possible pitfalls and solutions.

Sochi park

Main goal of Sport Parks

Sports parks are a place which provide people with the full Olympic experience in a sustainable manner. Visitors are part of the Olympic Team and share emotions with the Olympians through testing sports on their own or waching live broadcasts on large screens. Sport Parks play an important role. They provide people with information about different types of activities, their influence on the physical and mental condition of a person and let them learn about Olympic education. Thanks to this project, you will know exactly how to entertain your visitors and also leave a positive feelings in them.

Sochi-Letna 2014

Rio-Lipno 2016


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