France, Italy and Slovenia. These countries confirmed preparations of Sport Parks 2018

Eventful, productive, enriching, and inspiring. This is how the first seven months of the two-year long project “Sport Parks Inspired by the Olympics” coordinated by the Czech Olympic Committee could be described.

A kick-off meeting in Prague, Study Visits to the Netherlands (NOC*NSF), Italy (CONI) and Belgium (BOIC), creation of the information website, drafting of first two chapters of the Sport Parks handbook, preparation of common activates for 2018; and we could go further with the list of activities of the first semester of 2017.

The past seven months have seen mainly the development of the 2018 events, which will take place under the umbrella of Sport Park during the Winter Olympics.  As the project coordinator and initiator of the Sport Parks concept, the Czech Olympic Committee will organise two Parks in the Czech Republic, and is very happy that at least three other project partners – NOCs of France, Italy and Slovenia - will join with their own events. Not only will the draft recommendations of the Sport Parks handbook be tested at those events, but a real network will be created whereby the Parks will be linked via common activities which are currently being developed.

The second semester will be as eventful as the first one with study visits to France and Finland, development of new chapters of the handbook, and, of course, with the preparations of the Sport Parks events 2018.

Examples of such events: